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You will find below details about the terms and conditions you agree to by using MyAds. I invite you to fully read it and make sure you understand its content prior to signing up to MyAds.

MyAds: Terms and conditions

Edouard Barbier operates the website and the MyAds mobile application (the “Service”).

The app is made available to you on an “as in”, “with all faults and “as available” basis.

MyAds relies on data available via the Adsense Management API and like any application built relying on a public API, it is subject to change. I cannot guarantee that the Service will function or maintain the same level of service and functionality in the future as there are dependencies that could change and that I have to work with. That is applicable for both free and paid users.

Please read this section carefully since it limits the liability of MyAds. By signing up to use MyAds, your use of the app is at your own discretion and risk. MyAds makes no claims or promises with respect to the quality, the accuracy or reliability of the app, its security, or its content.

To use MyAds you have to log in with a Google account used to manage your Adsense account. In order for you to access the features offered by MyAds you will need to grant some permissions for the app to access some of your Adsense data. These permissions are subject to change at any time while you use the app.

By using MyAds, you are agreeing to be bound to Google’s APIs Terms of Service and Google’s Privacy Policy.

The purpose of these permissions is to enable the app to access some datasets specific to your Adsense account needed to power features offered inside the app. For example, accessing your Earnings data allows the app to display your daily gains within iOS widgets and inside the main application.

By signing up to MyAds you authorize me to contact you via email. You might for instance receive a “Welcome Email” after you first create an account on MyAds. I might also contact you directly via email if you send me a feedback or suggestion via the app or if you email me directly.

MyAds: Privacy Policy

Why does MyAds need to collect and process some of your data?

MyAds is designed with a freemium business model that allows to generate revenues without having to sell your data or do anything creepy with it. The app only collects and processes some of your data to:

  • Generate and present personalized insights for you based on your Adsense account data.
  • Improve the app experience by analyzing in-app usage and other important events happening inside the app.

What kind of data are stored?

When you sign up to use MyAds, you register with the Google (Gmail) account that is used to managed your Adsense account.

Once you do so, the following data are collected:

A. Personally identifiable data:

  • None

B. Analytics data:

Once you grant permissions for the app to access your Adsense data, the app is authorized to load data from your Adsense account. Each feature inside the app requires a specific set of data. No data is used, collected or processed outside of the scope of the features offered in the app.

C. Usage data:

We may also collect information based on your usage of the app. This is always done with the sole purpose of improving the experience for MyAds’s users.

Examples: e.g. frequency and duration of usage, significant events and encountered errors if application has crashed etc. Some of this data is processed by Firebase Analytics (which tracks user engagement and major events happening inside the app to provide insights to developers) and Crashlytics (which provide crash reporting insights allowing developers to fix issues faced by users while they experience the app).

I am also relying on Google Analytics to capture website analytics for this webpage which sits on my personal website even though you are most likely reading it from within the app. When your are browsing my website, small files (known as “cookies”) are saved onto your device to collect analytics information about how users browse the site by our analytics service.

Internet address of your computer, tablet or phone is anonymised in the analytics service I use and these cookies are not used to identify you personally. You can opt-out of analytics cookies at any time.

Crash reporting

We may also collect information based on any crashes happening while you are using the app. This is always done with the sole purpose of improving the experience for MyAds’s users.

Where are your data stored?

MyAds uses Firebase, owned by Google, to store your data in a secure way. The tokens required to authorize the fetching of your data on Adsense’s servers are never leaving your device for safety reasons. They are not stored on my servers which protect you from seeing your account harmed in case Firebase was to be compromised.

How is your data shared with 3rd party companies?

We may share some of the information collected, including personal information in the following cases:

  • Services providers: MyAds may rely on SendGrid (a mailling service) to send email communications. As part of MyAds’s communication effort, your email address may be disclosed to this partner.

  • Acquisition & Business operations: In the event of MyAds being acquired, information collected from you may be transfering to the acquiring company as part of a business transaction. All users would be notified in the event of such transaction.

  • Legal requirements: We may disclose the information we collect from you to comply with the law, in the case of a judicial proceeding, legal process, or in response to a court order or a subpoena.

Can I request that MyAds deletes all the data collected about me and my Adsense account?

The only information stored remain on your device and would be deleted upon deleting the app from your device.

If you wish to temporarily disconnect your Adsense account from the app. You can simply log out.

If you have any question related to this, please use the contact form inside MyAds (Settings tab) to contact me.

How can I revoke MyAds’s access to my Adsense Account data?

At any time, you can revoke the access & permissions granted to MyAds to read data via the Adsense & Admob API Services via the steps described on the following page: Google security settings.

I have a question about my data

If you have a question about this privacy and how your data are collected, used and stored when you use MyAds, please feel free to email me at with the subject line “Data question” and let me know how I can help you.

How is your data used?

You data is used to:

  • Provide the service MyAds offers, a set of features to help users track their Adsense/Admob earnings.
  • Communicate with users with news, educational content, promotions and special offers. Communication is done via Push notifications (if opted-in) and via emails.

Changes & updates

If MyAds makes changes to Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy, these changes will be posted on the page in a timely manner. We reserve the right to modify these terms & conditions and/or privacy policy at any time, so please review it frequently (at least on every app update). If you continue to use the Service after those changes are made, you agree to the above revised Policy.

In case of a business transaction in which a portion or all of MyAds business is acquired, we will notify you as described above in this paragraph.

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